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for the 2022 – 2023 academic year









Our Program Pillars


Learn practical, cross—cultural ministry skills in our first-year courses. Connect with missionaries for one-on-one mentorships and take advantage of our short-term trips to get a firsthand look at ministries around the world.


Each of our courses are biblically based. Our optional second year program includes courses in either Theology or Bible — so you can dig deep into God’s word, and be “equipped for every good work.”


Learn outside the classroom with hands-on service opportunities, including youth ministry, community outreaches, gardening and farming projects, and Christian camps and retreats.

2022-2023 Program of Studies

Classes will be held two evenings per week and will be available via direct streaming online for those who cannot participate onsite.

Term 1 (September/October)

Who are we as missionaries?

  • Orientation to GIA
  • Intro to Liebenzell Mission of USA
  • Spiritual formation
  • Spiritual disciplines
  • Discovery and use of spiritual gifts

Term 2 (November/December)

What is missions work?

  • Introduction to missions
  • Missions in the book of Acts
  • Apologetics and world religions
  • Cross-cultural communications

Term 3 (January/February)

How to do missions work?

  • Cross-cultural servanthood
  • Cross-cultural leadership dynamics
  • Cross-cultural conflicts
  • Relational ministry

Term 4 (March/April)

Tools for missions work

  • Cross-cultural evangelism
  • Anthropology/Gospel in 3 dimensions
  • Inductive Bible study methods

Term 5 (May/June)

Getting ready for missions work

  • Calling and Fundraising
  • Spiritual warfare
  • Teamwork
  • Field strategy
  • Wrap up and orientation to internship

Field Internship (July/August)

At the end of your program, you will embark on a 6-8 week long field internship. This is a chance for you to put your studies and skills to practice in real-world ministry, in a different cultural context than the one you’re familiar with.

We’ll match you to a location where Liebenzell USA missionaries already serve, so you can receive mentorship while contributing to existing minstries.

More about Field Internships

Weekend Electives

(one per term depending on student interest)

  • Christian counseling for ministry
  • Liebenzell missionary biographies
  • Language learning skills
  • Singles, marriage, family
  • Children/Youth ministry
  • Creative access strategies
  • Body and soul care
  • Basic life skills
  • Ancestor worship and animism
  • Social media and ministry

"You don’t have to be a perfect person to be a missionary.

God can use you. Keep following Him, trust Him, and allow Him to work through you.”


Missionaries to Ecuador

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