Aaron & Andrea Anderson

The Andersons met at Judson University, Illinois in an education class. After their wedding in 2010 they moved to Texas, where they lived and taught for seven years. Their daughters, Olivia and Heidi were born during their time there. Recently, the Andersons had the joy of welcoming Madelyn into their family. After many years of prayer and planning they headed out to Amano Christian School in Zambia to be missionary teachers, they took a leap of faith, sold their possessions, and trusted God to provide partners in ministry to support them on the mission field. Amano Christian School is a mission boarding school near the mining town of Chingola.

The Andersons spend their days preparing lessons, teaching, mentoring, discipling and doing life with their students. Aaron teaches high school Math, ICT and leads the Robotic Club. Andrea teaches part time in Biology, Physical Education and is a class mentor for Grade 12 students. The Andersons live on campus with their students and enjoy having them over to their home for desserts, meals and discipleship. They have the unique privilege to invest in their students daily. It is their hope and prayer that the young people at Amano Christian School, will come to know Christ Jesus as their personal Savior and receive a high-quality education that enables them to go out and be the change for Zambia and beyond.


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Amano Christian School

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