Hudson Taylor Legacy Fund

Invest in the Kingdom

Our future vision for Liebenzell is to expand our ministries. To complete the next steps of that journey, we need generous supporters that are willing to say “YES!” to our vision. We invite you to prayerfully consider partnering with Liebenzell USA with a one-time donation or as a monthly supporter. Join us as we move forward and make an investment in the Kingdom of God by giving to the Hudson Taylor Legacy Fund.

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"Depend on it: God's work, done in God's way, will never lack God's supply."

— Dr. James Hudson Taylor

Our History

Who was Hudson Taylor?

James Hudson Taylor has been referred to as one of the most significant missionaries to visit China in the 19th century. After founding the China Inland Mission (now OMF International), Taylor spent 51 years in China, where the mission cared for the blind, set up hospitals, schools and orphanages. He was one of the few missionaries of his day who adapted to the culture of the people he ministered to, wearing native Chinese clothing and preaching in several different dialects of Chinese.

But few realize that he also initiated a German branch of the mission. Today, that branch is known as Liebenzell Mission, and it supports missionaries in 22 countries around the world.

Current Needs

Global Ministries

God used Liebenzell founder Hudson Taylor in the 19th century to recruit 100 new missionaries for China. Today, Global Ministries is praying for 100 new missionaries as well as new ministries and new mission fields. From church planting to mission flights, our ministries are a practical, tangible way to express God’s love to people who have never heard the Gospel. Some of our ministries include:

  • Church planting in Ecuador
  • Prison ministry in Spain
  • Children’s education in Zambia
  • Discipleship in Japan
  • College ministry in Guam

Contribute $100 a month to keep missionary recruitment and ministries thriving.

$40,000 Total Need

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Retreat Ministries

Retreat Ministries plans to update the Retreat Center campus, as continuous improvements are needed to repair and maintain the older buildings and facilities.

The outdoor pool is open to the community and is also available for group retreats, baptisms, and pool parties. After much use, the pool liner is almost completely worn out and needs to be replaced, $11,000 Need. God has used the pool in beautiful ways: Over 70 baptisms in 2021. Community friends have had many poolside spiritual conversations this past summer, and it is a desired amenity for our group retreats.

Propane has gotten very expensive lately and a smart solution would be to convert the buildings on the camp side of our property to natural gas for heating and cooking before the winter comes. Since natural gas pipelines have been installed right alongside our property, the gas company offers free installation of a central hub in the middle of the campus. Running an extension line from the hub to some of the buildings would be our responsibility. It would cost $12,000 to convert several of the more frequently used wintertime buildings, likely Beechtree, and the Lodge, from propane to natural gas. Beechtree serves 120 guests, and the Lodge serves 65 guests at a time.

Contribute towards a new outdoor swimming pool liner, kitchen hood with its fire suppression unit, and natural gas hookups for camp side campus.

$23,000 Total Need

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Farm Ministries

Our vision is to restore Emmaus Farm to be fully operational. Farm Ministries will use Emmaus as an educational farm and for community outreach. God has used the farm to produce food in the past and He can do it again. The first step is to restore a garden area for our missionary students to learn about gardening and farming. Garden beds would also be available for the community to rent. The next step is to restore the chicken house so missionary students can begin raising chickens, rabbits, and goats.

  • $2.9k for chicken house restoration

Contribute towards restoring Emmaus Farm.

$2,900 Total Need

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Liebenzell USA Headquarters

God has been so faithful over the past 81 years. Our vision is to upgrade our technology with new computers to replace out-of-date systems. To effectively manage Liebenzell USA, current technology is essential, and we need computers that will be able to run Windows 11. Contribute towards 12 new computers at $1,250 each $15,000 for all 12.

$15,000 Total Need

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Looking to the future

Liebenzell USA has been blessed to be in missions for over 80 years. Our future work will not be possible without supporters like you. With your help, Liebenzell USA can continue the legacy of missionary and pioneer James Hudson Taylor. Your financial gift – a single contribution or monthly giving – is needed.

Will you join us?

Thank you for your support.