Manuel & Carmen Sept

The Sept family serve in Ndola, Zambia and are involved with Dawn Trust Community Care, founded by the Zambia Baptist Association. Dawn Trust serves the area through sports, farming, library services, and discipleship, all from a biblical worldview.

  • Farming — “We believe that we should be good stewards of the land God has given us…We teach people how to farm with joy, without wasting anything, on time and with high standards.”
  • Sports — “Through sports we want to shape the youth of our community in commitment, endurance and team spirit. We want to see young people to play with one another in respect and in unity which comes through Christ Jesus our Lord.”
  • Library — “We provide the students in our community a quiet place to study and grant everyone access to the latest school and college books. Our staff offers free tutoring classes in many subjects.”
  • Discipleship — “We want young people from our community to learn, live and grow together with us. We believe that God wants to shape everyone and wants everyone to understand His passion of saving us all.”

Manuel and Carmen Sept have lived in Zambia since 2017 and lead a nine-month impact team. Manuel is an energy electronics technician and got to know the Liebenzell Mission through an impact assignment in Micronesia. He completed his BA in community education, and Carmen studied theology and social work in an intercultural context at the Liebenzell International University.


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