Ryan & Heidi Bushey

Ryan Bushey, the Supervisor of Guest Facilities for Liebenzell Retreat Ministries, and Heidi, an official Liebenzell USA volunteer, are nine-year residents of Schooley’s Mountain, NJ. They live on Liebenzell USA’s New Jersey campus with their four children and nephew Joe. In the fall of 2020 they commenced their missions work. Ryan and Heidi work with passion and emphasis on enlightening the community about Liebenzell’s purpose and showing God’s love to their neighbors.

Their chief ways of serving include reaching the community through programs at Liebenzell, ministering to the groups that come for retreats, and creating care packages for missionaries that return from the mission field during their furloughs.

As part of his role in supporting our full-time missionaries, Ryan will research the restoration of a mission-school that needs repurposing in Palau in cooperation from local church leaders. Heidi currently plans for a preschool at Liebenzell Retreat Ministries, which will minister to the community through their children.


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