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Michael’s Story

Coming from the island of Yap in Micronesia, where Liebenzell missionaries have ministered for many years, Michael F. is now a Global Impact Academy student in New Jersey.

How is your testimony linked to Liebenzell USA?

Michael: “I became a Christian recently and my uncle who is a pastor told me about Liebenzell so I came here to get closer to God and learn more about Him. Ultimately and potentially becoming a missionary.”

Why have you been interested in getting involved in missions?

“I feel like missions are a great way to build character and are a test of faith. I cannot imagine giving up the comfort and safety of what I know and stepping into what would be a whole new world for me. It sounds impossible for me but I know with the Lord’s guidance all things are possible.”

Why do new generations need to prepare better to get involved in missions?

“I think it will make it a tiny bit easier if missionaries in training, like myself, will know what to expect and what to do before going into the field. We can learn from the experiences of missionaries before us, about their trials and tribulations of sharing the word to people who do not know and those who are against it.”

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